Children encounter design around the clock: Whether it is the bed in which they sleep, the pencil they use for homework or the toy they play with in their free time. In most cases, they are not aware of the fact that every product they use in their day-to-day-life, features a very special design.

In order to acquaint children with the topic of design, The Design Club invites ten- to sixteen-years-old to join workshops of a special kind The workshops of two hours each week will run from 4pm to 6 pm every Friday and Saturday during the academic year. During summer children will have a 2 week design work shop in April and May for 3 hours from 10am to 1pm.

They aim at fostering children’s creative talent and curiosity about their environment as well as equipping them with the basic principles of design.

The playful exercises focus on the sixth sense, as it is all about perception and the power of imagination which are of particular importance in the creative design process. Especially children have an outstanding apprehension and perceive outer impressions in a completely genuine manner. This allows them for seeing things in a very special way.

The workshops are developed together with the architects and designers. They aim at nurturing exactly these skills with playful exercises. The children will do a journey of discovery together and explore how much design the natural world offers them. Thereby, they train their perception by “stretching” their imagination and learn to really see the things they look at.

At the end of the workshop, all discoveries of the participants will be collected and arranged as an overall picture. Their results – and thus their creative skills – will be documented in a special exhibition, which will be presented.

As the group size allows for a maximum of 20 children, The Design Club kindly asks for previous registration by phone on 9886452274, 9886034182

The Design Club has branches in Koramangala, Malleshwaram, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, JP Nagar in Bangalore and California – USA