Located in Koramangala, REIGN is an architecture and interior design firm, known for our design of residences, commercial and retail spaces.

Drawn from the uniqueness of each project and client, REIGN creates buildings and spaces for living that are simple, efficient and timeless. The basis for our buildings is rooted in our love for and appreciation of new materials, construction methods and energy efficiency. We bring to each task aesthetics that emphasizes the values of clarity and simplicity, the appreciation of nature and the integration of natural energy into the built form.

Design is a problem-solving endeavor. Often, we find it to be a puzzle with many constraints and one simply elegant solution. We work hard to find that solution: the one that melts away all concerns, and in which there remains an uncluttered, efficient and simple visual space for living, working, and playing. Aligned with this problem-solving exercise, we also guide our clients through the maze of regulatory issues, budget concerns, structural requirements, sustainable measures, material choices and functional needs such as universal design to ultimately help them arrive at a place of ease and clarity.

As a small-sized firm of six architects and design professionals, we have the ability to provide hands-on, principal involvement from start to finish. We listen to the wishes and concerns of every client, and through many conversations we make each project the clear embodiment of their dream.



  • Translation of clients’ requirements into a design brief
  • Site evaluation, analysis and impact assessment
  • Site planning and architectural design
  • Structural design and calculations
  • Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and Sewerage design
  • Electrical, electronics and communication systems planning
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design
  • Planning of elevators, escalators and other means of  Mechanized movement
  • Design of fire detection, protection and fighting system
  • Security systems design
  • Inspection and evaluation of construction works
  • Coordination and construction management
  • Interior Design
  • Site evaluation and assessment
  • Space planning and volumetric studies
  • Architectural additions and alterations
  • Design of fixed items of work, loose Furniture and interior related civil works
  • Illumination design
  • Sound management and acoustic design
  • Graphic design and signage
  • Indoor Plant-scape
  • Selection of materials, equipment and gadgetry
  • Integration of engineering services

Landscape Design

  • Site appraisal and suitability
  • Site planning
  • Landform and grading
  • Design of landscape structure and layout
  • Circulation design
  • Open space design including roads, parking, hard and soft areas, walls, gates and fences, etc.
  • Planting design
  • Surface drainage and water management strategies
  • Design of garden features
  • Architectural detailing of outdoor structures
  • Graphic design and signage
  • Illumination design
  • Coordination of external services

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